Ghana: Govt Taking Steps to Construct Pwalugu Hydro Dam

3 days 19 hours ago
[Ghana Govt.] The government is taking steps to actualize the Pwalugu Multi-Purpose Dam Project in the Upper East Region. The project, which is estimated to cost US$300 million, will start with the power component followed by studies on other areas including irrigation and flood control.

Ethiopia: Workers' Safety - Awash in Danger and Neglect

3 days 19 hours ago
[Addis Fortune] Ethiopia's construction industry is contributing to economic growth and providing employment for an estimated 2.6 million people. The industry, growing at a fast pace, is however trapped in the 19th Century when it comes to providing workplace safety and employee protection, writes Ambessaw Assegued (assegued@anfilo.com).
1 hour 5 minutes ago
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