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African Perspectives 2009 is seen as an event of practical solutions, to be tabled and to be challenged by expert academics of a broad multidisciplinary background.

Practical solutions mean in the first place design and building, as architecture will be at the core. But, as we have learned from African Perspectives 2007 in Delft, the expression in other art media is helpful to get a foothold on the complicated matter of city building. Another contribution of the multimedia approach is that it assists in bridging the gap between down to earth practice and the academic approach.

The discourse on the African City Centre at African Perspectives 2009 aims at presenting innovation within continuation. In other words, new views, directions and solutions are to be introduced within the framework of historical and ongoing research and debate on the subject.

This means that what has been said at important venues like in Dakar in 1982, in Accra in the late nineties, at the Durban CBD workshop in 2000, the Urban Futures 2000 conference at Wits and the Urban Age Johannesburg 2007 workshop will be taken up and reviewed.

Key players in these events are to be sourced and invited to bring in their report on post-event outcome and assessment.

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