USA 9/11 : American Architects at the Forefront of the 9/11 Truth Movement

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WTC 9/11 : Hundreds of American Architects have produced and/or backed scientific evidence that the World Trade Towers were brought down by a Controlled Demolition and not as a result of airplanes crashing into them.

This thorough and detailed study presents America and the world with clear and irrefutable evidence that the terrorists responsible for this act were not Islamic extremists but something quite different - and very close to home. Questions are finally being asked as hundreds of American Architects, Engineers, Scientists and Demolition Experts fight an uphill battle to be heard by their own people and their own government. The truth is so incredible and the implications are so extreme that the concept is meeting personal resistance by hundreds of millions of Americans.

Many attempts to address the unanswered questions and unveiled mysteries relating to the 9/11 event have been dismissed as conspiracy theories produced for personal gain by fringe lunatics (and I'm sure many have!).  This is different - the 9/11 Truth Movement is led by professional architects and engineers that have nothing to gain from it: and everything to lose. These are people of extreme courage and conviction. They are people deserving of your attention and your time.

The implications of this "red alert" from our American colleagues extend well beyond the borders of the United States and directly affects the lives of millions of people around the globe - and it impacts directly on Africa, where the United States has a significant presence. Moreover, it impacts directly on the global monetary system - on which our frail economies are based.

We strongly recommend that you visit the website and Take a little time to watch the videos, view the presentations and read the documents. Then sit back, digest the information and consider the implications.

Throughout human history only one group of people have held more power than kings and political leaders; the professionals - the holders of knowledge, information, experience, ethics and specialist skills. As professionals in a globalised society we are bound by a common code of honour  which affects, regulates and directs our professional thoughts and conduct. We share our knowledge, our achievements, our failures and our experiences equally across countries, cultures and belief systems. We must now share a problem so big that it will change the way the world relates to itself and those who govern it.  And architects are at the forefront...

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How you can help the American People

Non American citizens can help our US colleagues by donating to their cause. Every little bit helps.

The Air We Breathe ...Tens of thousands still dying as a direct result of 9/11 demolitions

Ask yourself this question: "What happens when 90,000 tons of building materials, including glass, asbestos, steel, concrete, gypsum, timber and synthetic fibers, as well as over 2,000 human bodies, thousands of computers, thousands of cell phone batteries and thousands of computer monitors are PULVERISED IN LESS THAN THIRTY SECONDS to the consistency of talcum powder and then evenly spread over a dense urban population?"

Do you hang around and breathe the air?

A large number of New Yorkers coated their lungs with this toxic concoction on a daily basis following the 9/11 demolitions. They did this because they were told by their government that it was safe to breathe the air. Common sense should have told them otherwise. To see the outcome of blindly trusting authority take a look at the video above.

AE911 TRUTH MOVEMENT : Why Architects Care

I remember clearly the day that the towers came down. I remember where I was, who I was with and what I was doing. Half way across the world I watched as the towers collapsed: watched in awe of America's ability to set demolition charges so quickly and so precisely in three skyscrapers which had just come under terrorist attack.

That evening the debate amongst architects in the office revolved around the astounding demolition feat which had been achieved by the Americans to save the buildings around the World Trade Centre.

"How did they do it?", was the question doing the rounds. There was no question in our minds that the buildings had been brought down by a real life Bruce Willis and his team of beefy Texans.

The next day all forms of speculation addressing this question were rendered obsolete when the news filtering in indicated that there had been no demolition - the buildings had been brought down by fire.

For those of us that had worked on tall buildings this explanation came as somewhat of a shock. It made no sense. We concluded that official story was an interim version released to protect interests of state security - and that the true story (that the terrorists had planted bombs in the buildings) would come out later.

Then time passed - and everyone forgot about it. No alternative theory was ever offered - and nobody seemed to care.

With President Moron at the helm the world lost interest in America - and all respect as well, it might be added. The American people appeared to be in a hypnotic trance which many likened to a state of national depression. Silence prevailed - few within America had the courage to speak openly about the so called "war on terror" for fear of appearing unpatriotic. True to capitalist tradition, patriotism became a profitable commodity in much demand with Arab bashing products riding the crest of the wave.

That is until American architect Richard Gage decided to break the silence and question the official US Government sponsored version - which is clearly in conflict with our knowledge and understanding of building structures and the laws of physics.

This act of selfless courage was met with a huge collective sight of relief by the world's architects blessed with an understanding of tall buildings. After all, if the laws of physics had indeed changed on September 11th 2001, then all of our buildings would now be in danger of spontaneous collapse.

If you take the time to analyse the massive body of evidence which Richard Gage's AE911 Truth Movement has gathered you will be left in no doubt whatsoever that the WTC buildings were brought down by controlled demolitions. You will also come to understand that the demolitions could only have been planned and executed by those in control of the buildings and could not have been masterminded by a mythical cave dweller holed up in some remote Afghan mountain range wielding an AK47 on the one hand and a Satphone on the other.

All evidence points to one uncomfortable conclusion: this act of pure insanity was an inside job. Just exactly who is on "the inside" is anybody's guess at this point - it is highly unlikely that the truth will ever be known.

From the world architect's point of view, the mission to inform the imbeciles responsible for this act of unparalleled barbarity has been accomplished; science is greater than illusion - the world's specialist body of knowledge cannot be obliterated or adulterated by the ignorance or complicity of three successive United States Presidents.