Architect Africa adds value to your communications campaign through the ability to publish constantly updated news and information, images and broadcast in real time. This ability will put you ahead of the crowd in three ways:

  • By growing your Brand through one of Africa’s most influential Built Environment news networks;
  • By reaching a rapidly expanding and relevant audience for a fraction of the price of print advertising;
  • By being associated with cutting edge technology and information, and the ethos of sustainability and empowerment that forms part of the Architect Africa vision.


The Architect Africa News Network  is an autonomous built environment news and information broadcasting network, news aggregator and trends analyser focused on Architecture, Construction, Development, Urbanisation and the Human Condition; with the primary objective of being Africa’s leading business and research information system for built environment specialists and decision makers  – current and future. 

Our commitment to the growth of electronic media is at the core of the Architect Africa vision of empowering through knowledge sharing and driving sustainability through effective and responsible use of information resources. In short, electronic media is socially equitable, environmentally responsible and economically efficient.

Empowering BUSINESS:

The strength of any business operating in the architecture and construction sector is its ability to access real time, relevant news and intelligence in order to inform effective business decision making. Architect Africa contains Africa’s most intelligent construction sector search facility and aggregator (news compiled and fed to all external networks and individual subscribers as RSS feeds), which delivers an improved level of targeted information gathering.

Supporting RESEARCH:

As Africa’s oldest online network for the construction sector, Architect Africa allows you to access structured information for research and brief development purposes that stretches back through 15 years of ‘deep layer’ data; while building knowledge-formulated opinions by connecting with organisations, governments and NPOs relevant to your sector.

This ability to keep its users up to date with relevant and topical news items, releases, opinion pieces, broadcast and videos is why the network is used so effectively and so extensively.

Architect Africa currently reaches a global audience with a particular focus on growth in Africa. Built up over 15 years, this targeted audience comprises:

  • Key decision makers in the public and private sectors
  • Thought leaders and influencers
  • Architectural, Engineering and Construction specialists
  • Property Developers
  • Academics, researchers and students
  • Development agencies and NGOs.


For further information and rates card please contact;

    Karen Eicker
   +27 11 646 9200  / +27 82 215 1361