International : Africa and the World celebrate World Toilet Day... (Really!)


SINGAPORE – From Singapore to South Africa, Australia to India, Ethiopia to France, people all over the world will be buzzing on World Toilet Day on November 19, 2008 with high profile awareness raising and educational activity to highlight the importance of sanitation and the plight of the 2.5 billion toilet-less people in the world.

Around the world, 2.5 billion people do not have a clean and safe place to use for performing their bodily functions - they lack that basic necessity, a toilet. This hidden global scandal constitutes an affront to human dignity on a massive scale. World Toilet Organization declared its founding day as "World Toilet Day" and this day is now being celebrated by its 151 members in 53 countries. Thus increasing awareness and generating local action for better sanitation. This year World Toilet Organization receives more support from outside its membership, more individuals and organization come together to leverage on this day to push for better and improved sanitation locally and for the world.

The theme for World Toilet Day 2008 is “We Deserve Better”. World Toilet Organization calls for all members and supporter to break the taboo on toilet and sanitation to make it a mainstream subject for improvement by providing a theme that is relevant for all. This year’s theme encompasses three “We(s)”, they are,

• TOILETS: Toilets deserve better social status. Let us make toilets desirable objects to discourage open defecation.

• CLEANERS: Toilet cleaners deserve better pay, respect and prospects. Let us aim to professionalize the sanitation and restroom industry.

• 2.5 BILLION TOILET-LESS PEOPLE: 2.5 billion people deserve better place to defecate. Let us provide them with dignity and health through good toilets and sustainable sanitation.

Members and other supporters join hands to work on campaigns and events in their countries to celebrate World Toilet Day under this theme. Here are some highlights of the celebration round the world:

Australia - EWBQ, Caroma, Brisbane City Council, The International Water Centre, and The Sustainability Marketing Firm uncompromise will celebrate World Toilet Day with an extravagant Toilet Art exhibition in Queen Street Mall. For more information please visit

South Africa - Astra Primary School which is situated in the suburb Chatty the city Port Elizabeth, South Africa is thinking of pushing for more school toilets on World Toilet Day. The parents have contributed cash towards the project, others will render their services, products and some have even approached their employers to assist the school which this project.

Ethiopia - WASH Ethiopia movement is a coalition, uniting representatives from governmental, non-governmental and faith-based organizations, UN agencies, the private sector and Media. Currently the Movement planed some activities to work on the World Toilet Day (WTD), these are media conference with about 25 Ethiopian Journalists to enhance their knowledge in relation to toilet and influence the journalists and Media Agencies to give more coverage and publicize the issue. They will be having Public Service Announcement (dramatic spot) in relation to the date.

Liberia - The Liberia WASH Consortium --(a group of five International non Governmental Organizations (INGOs*) implementing activities in support of the government of Liberia's Water, Sanitation and Hygiene goals as outlined in the Liberia Poverty Reduction Strategy 2008-2011) They will also be contributing to the activities towards the World Toilet Day, November 19, 2008, radio programme together with a local organization supported by one of the members of the Consortium.

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