Sketch Studio


In an expanding world, personal and corporate spaces are becoming more important than ever to exploit their full potential. Sketch Studio are a Kenya-based architectural and interior design outfit that endeavours to help do just that for our various clientelle that have come to trust and respect us in developing contemporary solutions for their ambitious projects.

Sketch Studio is a Kenya-based, young but experienced, highly-creative, innovative and contemporary architectural firm that puts its passion to work in all spheres of industrial, commercial and domestic markets. Our fresh outlook at perception and design places us at one of the top spots as a company that has earned itself a deserved image of excellence in what it specializes in. Sketch progressively challenges itself to break new grounds in design and execution-focussed social architecture as we engage ourselves in projects that stretch our limits with every new assignment we put our hands on.

Sketch Studio brings to the African market the highest architectural excellence handling projects from inception to completion as we continue to build on our reputation as pioneering professionals who have a knack for delivering nothing less than the best for our clients and corporate associates.