South Africa : S/T Architects launches new website

ST ARCHITECTS is a company working in the architecture and engineering sector, providing professional services for the project management and contract management related to the design and construction of commercial, industrial and residential buildings, including office complexs, industrial warehouses, schools and hospitals.

ST Architects serves more than 300 clients and during the last 22 years its work involved more than 340,000 sqm including collective housing, office buildings, factories, urban developments, private residences, commercial centers, hotels, educational buildings, correctional facilities and medical services buildings.

These projects were developed in South Africa, other African countries, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile (South America), USA, Spain.

Originally created by Luis Taboada and Daniel Sanromán as a tradicional architectural practise, over time the practice developed to incorporate more professional services and specialists. As a result certain methods were developed that can assure a complete and integrated world class work that is highly appreciated by our clients.

The recent presence of strategic alliances transformed our services into a high level integrated system that has enormous impact both in delivery, cost and quality results.

Camilo Mogni, P. Architect is the director and manager for Africa and Middle East operation and is based in Pretoria.

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