June 2011

EU Voices Concern Over the Threats to ICC Witnesses.

European envoys are worried about alleged harassment of ICC witnesses and their families. EU Head of Delegation to Kenya, Lodewijk Briet, says they have documented evidence that witnesses are being harassed. The delegation is also concerned that the government has not shown efforts to protect witnesses.

Citizens to Register Disapointment With Lands Ministry

Members of the public will storm the lands ministry in the next two weeks as frustration mounts over the quality of services. Collins Kowour Chairman Institute of Surveyors says most services including searches on land titles are time consuming with those seeking the vital document forced to queue for hours. He says the computerization process has failed and has vowed to mobilize street demonstrations until the problem is resolved.

IMF Disburses Sh6 Billion to Curb Forex Swings

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has announced the release of about Sh6 billion ($65 million) to Kenya in an emergency-style response to the country's forex crisis after endorsing progress on reforms.

Many State on Continent Back Hague Court

The misgivings of some African states about the International Criminal Court (ICC), more especially the concentration of the court's work on the African continent, are well known.

The Wildebeest Migration is On

Thousands of wildebeest are already migrating from Serengeti to Maasai Mara in search of pasture, giving rise to the Seventh Wonder of the World.

Where Do Slum Dwellers Fall in Mortgage Debate?

There seems to be some good news coming from the government for aspiring home owners, especially low-income earners.

Fake Planners Ruining the Game

Reading a feature article titled "The culprits behind the death of physical planning and beauty" (DN2, June 23, 2011), I could not help but get troubled by its bias.

Regional Social Policies Need Review - Forum

East Africa's social policies must be reviewed to accommodate recent changes in the region, a workshop in Nairobi was told on Wednesday.

International Criminal Court Local Hearings Set for the Hague

The parties to the Kenya post election violence cases may not call up witnesses during the confirmation of charges hearings even as the Pre-Trial Chamber shelved holding them in Kenya.

Maternal and Child Health Vulnerabilities Among Pastoralist Communities in Turkana

It cost approximately Sh100 to give birth in rural Turkana. Upon receipt of the cash token, an elderly traditional birth attendant will massage a pregnant woman's belly during labour until the baby is finally born. Delivery with the aid of a traditional birth attendant is the best a pregnant rural Turkana woman can hope for in a region with a shortage of health facilities and where only 8.2 percent of all the babies born are delivered in hospital.