Eleven rock engraving sites found in Namibe

Eleven rock engraving sites found in Namibe - Angola, Namibe – Eleven new rock engraving sites were discovered in the last three years, in the south-western Namibe Province, now totalling fifteen sites in this region.This was said Saturday to ANGOP by the head of the local culture department, Benjamim Fernandes.The official said that at a lecture on the theme “”Valorisation, conservation and protection of the historic and cultural heritage”, in the ambit of the commemorations of the National Culture Day, marked on 08th January.Benjamin Fernandes said that the biggest rock engraving site is that of Muliolia, situated in Caraculo locality, Bibala Municipality.He said it is considered the biggest site for it has about a thousand engraved figures on a rock.“It is almost impossible to count, because many of the drawings overlap, which makes it difficult to count (…)” said the official.According to the official, the engravings consist mainly of geometric figures, wild animals, hunting scenes, symbols of cure and spiritualism relating to the ancestors, objects that depict nature.Some of the pictures are already in a bad state due to erosion, the rains and vandalism actions.   Benjamin Fernandes also revealed that the Tchitundo-Hulu site, whose engravings are over 4000 years old, might be elevated this year to the category of world historical heritage, probably in March UNESCO will include the site in its indicative list of world heritage places. [ANGOP - Angola Press]