South Africa : New Pedestrian Bridge over Maude Street - Sandton

New bridge over Maude Street to link Michelangelo Towers retail levels, Nelson Mandela Square, Sandton City and the Convention Centre

Situated in the heart of Sandton's commercial and civic area, the Michelangelo Towers will link, via a new bridge over Maude Street, with Nelson Mandela Square, Sandton City, and the Sandton Convention Centre.

The 24-metre bridge will be installed by connecting the second level of the Michelangelo Towers Mall with the upper level of the Sandton Convention Centre.

"The weatherproof bridge will link the Convention Centre and the Michelangelo Towers Mall, which in turn, will complete the link through to Nelson Mandela Square, Sandton City and back through to the Intercontinental hotel and the Convention Centre ," says Franc Brugman, Bentel Associates International senior director and project architect for the Michelangelo Towers complex. "You will literally be able to walk right the way around internally from Sandton Square across to the Convention Centre, across to the Intercontinental across to Sandton City and back to Sandton Square without having to leave the safety and security of the various Sandton CBD developments."

Brugman says that the Legacy Group, the Michelangelo complex developers, is installing the bridge to enhance the aesthetics, connectivity and functionality of the Sandton CBD.

The bridge will be a steel, aluminium and glass structure, which will be pre-manufactured off site. Installation will take place over a weekend when Maude Street will be closed during the structure's integration with the buildings. The finishes will blend with those of the Convention Centre and the Michelangelo Towers Mall. Legacy plan to have the bridge installed in time for the Confederations Cup being held in June.

"It's a modern design that will enhance the overall aesthetics of the Sandton CBD and in particular Maude Street, which is rapidly becoming one of the most attractive urban streets in the area," adds Brugman.

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