MADT Architects


The practice focus is predominantly on the bespoke residential market ranging from compact houses where space is limited and emphasis is on realising the maximum use of limited area available, to exceptionally large houses where scale, proportion and function work in total harmony. No matter the size, style or requirement, custom specific, is our game.

We have worked with and completed many houses within housing estates and familiar with the various guidelines and processes.

If your preference is for an existing house makeover, we have completed many successful house transformations whether it is on a small scale or on a scale of grandeur.

We have successfully completed many housing developments comprising individual cluster type houses to sectional title units for the mass market.

The practice has also completed many office block developments from individual blocks, designed for a single owner or user specific requirements to multi tenanted blocks and office parks.

The commercial sector is competitive and our design emphasis is to maximise rentable area while ensuring a product which has demand, based on design aesthetic, functionality and commercial exposure for any prospective tenant or owner occupier.

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