Institutes of Architecture World Directory


• Region I: Europe
• Region II: Middle East
• Region V: Africa

• Region III: USA and South America
• Region IV: Asia and Australia

Region IV: Asia And Australia
Mumbai, India
Indian Institute of Architects
Ulan Bator, Mongolia
Union of Mongolian Architects
Dacca, Bangladesh
Institute of Architects of Bangladesh
Institute of Architects of Pakistan (IAP)
Hanoi, Democratic Republic of Vietnam
Association of Architects of Vietnam
Manila, Philippines
Union Architects of the Philippines (UAP)
Suva, Fiji
Fiji Association of Architects
Seoul, Republic of Korea
Korean Institute of Architects (KIA)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Malaysian Institute of Architects(PAM)
Beijing, People's Republic of China
The Architectural Society of China (ASC)
Jakarta, Indonesia
Indonesian Institute of Architects
Singapore, Singapore
Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA)
Tokyo, Japan
Japan Institute of Architects (JIA)
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Institute of Architects
Macao, Macao
Association of Architects of Macao
Bangkok, Thailand
The Association of Siamese Architects
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Institute of Architects of Hong Kong (HKIA)
Auckland, New Zealand
New Zealand Institute of Architects (NZIA)
Canberra, Australia
Royal Australian Institute of Architects (RAIA)
Pyongyang, People's Republic of Korea
Union of Architects of the People's Republic of Korea

Region I:

Region III:
USA and South America

Vienna, Austria
Federal Chamber of Architects and Engineers (BAI)
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Federation of Argentinean Entities of Architecture (FADEA)
Brussels, Belgium
Royal Federation of Societies of Architecture of Belgium
Guatemala, Central America
Central American Federation of Architects
Ireland, Dublin
Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland (RIAI)
Havana, Cuba
National Union of Architects and Civil Engineers (UNAICC )
Copenhagen, Nordic Countries
(Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden)
Danish Association of Architects (DAL)
Mexico City, Mexico
Federation of Colleges of Architects of the Republic of Mexico (FCARM)
Lisbon, Portugal
Association of Portuguese Architects (AAP
Managua, Nicaragua
College of Architects of the Nicaraguan Association of Engineers and Architects
London, United Kingdom
Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA)
Panama City, Panama
Panamanian Society of Architects and Engineers
Spain, Madrid
Superior Council of Colleges of Architects of Spain (CSCAE)
Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago
Institute of Architects of Trinidad and Tobago
Andorra, Andorra
Official College of Architects of Andorra
Nassau, Bahamas
Institute of Bahamian Architects
Bonn/Berlin, Germany
Federation of German Architects (BDA)
Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia
College of Architects of Bolivia
Paris, France
UIA French Section
Fortaleza, Brazil
Institute of Architects of Brazil (IAB)
Rome, Italy
UIA Italian Section
Santiago, Chile
College of Architects of Chile
Zurich, Switzerland
UIA Swiss Section
Bogota, Colombia
Colombian Society of Architects (SCA)
Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Order of Architects and Engineers (OAI)
San José, Costa Rica
College of Architects of Costa Rica
The Netherlands, Amsterdam
Federation of Dutch Architects (BNA)
Quito, Ecuador
National College of Architects of Ecuador
Malta, St. Andrews
Chamber of Architects and Civil Engineers
Kingston, Jamaica
The Jamaican Institute of Architects

Asuncion, Paraguay
Paraguayan Association of Architects
Region II: Middle East Lima, Peru
College of Architects of Peru
Bakou, Azerbaijan
Union of Architects of Azerbaijan
Santurce, Puerto Rico
College of Architects of Puerto Rico
Zagreb, Croatia
Association of Croatian Architects
Paramaribo, Surinam
Union of Architects of Surinam
Sofia, Bulgaria
Union of Bulgarian Architects(UAB)
Washington, United States of America
American Institute of Architects (AIA)
Skopje, F.Y.R. of Macedonia
Association of Architects of Macedonia
Montevideo, Uruguay
Society of Architects of Uruguay
Tblisi, Georgia
Union of Architects of Georgia
Toronto, Canada
Royal Architectural Institute of Canada
Athens, Greece
Technical Chamber of Greece
Caracas, Venezuela
College of Architects of Venezuela
Almaty, Kazakhstan
Union of Architects of Kazakhstan

Safat, Kuwait
Kuwait Society of Engineers
Region V: Africa
Prague, Czech Republic
Society of Czech Architects
Alger, Algeria
Order of Algerian Architects
Beirut, Lebanon
Order of Architects and Engineers
Cairo, Arab Republic of Egypt
Society of Egyptian Architects(SEA)
Warsaw, Poland
Union of Polish Architects(SARP)
Yaounde, Cameroon
Order of Architects of Cameroon
Bucharest, Romania
Union of Architects of Romania(UAR)
Kampala, Uganda
The Uganda Institute of Architects
Moscow, Russia
Union of Architects of Russia
Libreville, Gabon
Order of Architects of Gabon
Bratislava, Slovak Republic
Slovak Architects Society
Tunis, Tunisia
Order of Architects of Tunisia
Maribor, Slovenia
UIA Slovenian Section
Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
The Architects Association of Tanzania
Damascus, Syria
Order of Syrian Architects and Engineers
Nairobi, Kenya
Architectural Association of Kenya
Ankara, Turkey
Chamber of Architects of Turkey
Tripoli, Libya
The Libyan Society of Architects
Kiev, Ukraine
Union of Architects of Ukraine
Rabat, Morocco
UIA Moroccan Section
Belgrade, Yugoslavia
Union of Yugoslav Architects
Windhoek, Namibia
Namibia Institute of Architects
Tallin, Baltic Countries
(Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania)

Baltic Architects Unions Association
Lagos, Nigeria
Nigerian Institute of Architects (NIA)
Budapest, Hungary
Chamber and Association of Hungarian Architects
Dakar, Senegal
Order of Architects of Senegal
Tel Aviv, Israel
Israel Institute of Architects and Town Planners
South Africa
The South African Institute of Architects (SAIA)
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Association of Architects of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Port Louis, Mauritius
The Mauritius Association of Architects (MAA)
Nicosia, Cyprus
The Cyprus Civil Engineers and Architects Association
Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire
National Council of Architects of Côte d'Ivoire
Baghdad, Iraq
Iraqi Engineers' Union
Lusaka, Zambia
Zambia Institute of Architect
  Harare, Zimbabwe
Institute of Architects of Zimbabwe

UPDATE: See also Angola.