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Welcome to our one stop multi-discipline architectural & civil engineering practice...

Arch-Tekton Consulting was established in 1987 with the aim of becoming a prominent role player in Central South Africa’s built-environment. Arch-Tekton Consulting’s name aptly originates from a combination of the Greek root ‘arch’, meaning ‘chief’, and ‘tekton’, meaning ‘builder’. This is also the root of the word ‘architect/ure’.

We are confident that both our name and our service will continue to live up to the reputation established many years go. We now have satelite branches in Pietermaritzburg and Vereeniging, but we do travel anywhere in South-Africa to work on any building, any time.

As part of our "one-stop" service, Arch-Tekton Consulting not only provide architectural services, but civil engineering services and interior decorating as well.