South Africa : Architect Africa Film Festival 2008

Architect Africa Film Festival 2008

Fuelled by the magic of film, the Architect Africa Film Festival was created to acknowledge and embrace the astounding reality of urban living.

For three weeks each year, the Festival celebrates architecture and brings audiences face to face with the realities and possibilities of urban living and the built environment. This event is an exciting cultural platform that informs, inspires and entertains.

The Architect Africa Film Festival uses film to record the wonder of architecture, its theories and ideals, its practice and legacy. As Professor Philip Harrison said at the launch of the 2007 Festival, "Film is important in many ways. It's not only about the past and present, but also about alternative futures. By bringing us into such an immediate confrontation with diverse cultures, film helps us to imagine our realities differently. It shows us that it's possible to construct things differently and to live in different ways."

The Architect Africa Film Festival 2008 will be held over three weeks in October, at Cinema Nouveau screened by Fish Eagle, and Ster Kinekor theatres in Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, Bloemfontein and Port Elizabeth:

The dates and venues are as follows:

CAPE TOWN: 17 to 23 October 2008 - Cavendish Nouveau, Cavendish Square

This year, the vision is again to provide architectural films from around the world that focus on quality filmmaking and worthy architectural content. These will include classics, documentaries, archived footage, tributes and features.

This is a rare opportunity to enjoy fascinating films, inspiring exhibitions, and informative discussions on architecture and the built environment. The event is endorsed and supported by the South African Council for the Architectural Profession, the Council for the Built Environment, and the South African Institute of Architects, and Business & Arts South Africa.

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