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of the Keywords.

The AA Spider has visited 7,446 architects' pages to date.

This search engine helps you find documents which architects in Africa have published on their own websites. The AA Spider is perpetually busy looking for new sites and checking existing sites for new information.

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1. Exact Matches: 

If you want to find an exact phrase, use "double quotation marks" around the phrase when you enter words in the search box. 

Example: To find information on the Apartheid Museum, type "Apartheid Museum" in the search box. If you don't use the "inverted commas" you will pick up all references to all museums and apartheid related texts as well. 

Searches are case insensitive. Searching for "Schools" will match the lowercase "schools" and uppercase "SCHOOLS". 

By default, all searches are accent insensitive as well. Accent sensitivity relates to Latin characters like õ. 

2. Including or excluding words: 

To make sure that a specific word is always included in your search topic, place the plus (+) symbol before the key word in the search box. To make sure that a specific word is always excluded from your search topic, place a minus (-) sign before the keyword in the search box. 

Example: To find addresses of architects in durban but not in Umhlanga, try: architects +address +durban -umhalanga 

3. Wildcards

Expand your search using wildcards (*): By typing an * within a keyword, you can match up to four letters. 

Example: Try build* to find builds, builder, or building.