9/11 : Architects & Engineers Can Tell The Difference - Hear Their Voice!

Obama continues to block efforts to conduct a credible investigation into the crime of the century - in doing so he becomes an accomplice. Hell will freeze over before the architects and engineers of the world accept the infantile and deluded official version of 9/11 events offered by successive Washington administrations and their apologists.
Any architect or engineer who analyses the vast body of evidence available from the 9/11 Truth Movement WILL HAVE TO AGREE that the THREE World Trade Towers were brought down by military explosives and not as a result of the impact by aircraft and subsequent minor fires - there simply is no other option available; the evidence is conclusive.

Find out more about the 9/11 myth here and study the evidence here.


On the pretext of the 11 September 2001 events the United States invaded two countries - it completely obliterated Iraq and has terrorised Afghanistan for nearly ten years. Recently it has extended its terror activities to Pakistan, Somalia and numerous countries in Africa. It continues to thump its chest and bark abuse at Iran.

These are events of global concern and constitute a major threat to world peace and global economic stability - these are events that impact directly on the lives of billions of people across Africa, the Middle East, India and Asia.

As with the Weapons of Mass Destruction story, the 9/11 attacks were a complete hoax. The informed people of the world now know that the events of 9/11 were fabricated by forces within the American security apparatus - the evidence is conclusive and verifiable.

The 9/11 Truth, as it is commonly known, has different meanings to different people around the world. For the American people it is a humiliating truth; no nation has ever been so completely collectively fooled - first by Bush's "War on Terror" and then by Obama's "Change" campaign. No nation on Earth has ever been so stupid and so gullible - and so badly led.

To the people outside America the meaning of the 9/11 Truth is simpler, more to the point; only psychopaths act in this way and only psychopaths continue to act this way after being exposed. It is truly difficult to accept this frightening reality but it is necessary.

9/11 was an inside job masterminded by psychopaths and executed by common criminals. They must be found and brought to justice - or they will do it again.

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