The city of Ohrid is located in the west side of the Republic of Macedonia, a small country in southeast Europe, located in the central Balkan Peninsula. Its natural and cultural attributes have made it the tourist capital of the country.

Ohrid Lake, surrounded with various beaches and byzantine monasteries, is one of the biggest attractions of the Balkans. The town of Ohrid and its surroundings have been declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1979 for its natural values ​​and in 1980 for its cultural and historical values. Around the lake there are footpaths that cross the region between lush forests. Along the route you will encounter numerous historic churches while enjoying views over the bay.

Every year the famous Ohrid Swimming Marathon takes place in Ohrid Lake. Professional swimmers from all over the world travel to represent their country in this competition.

ArchMedium proposes the creation of a new public facility for the Balkan city of Ohrid, taking into account the historical, natural and cultural importance of Lake Ohrid. We propose a new watersports center: The Ohrid watersports club.

The OWC is a sports and entertainment center where they organize and promote all sorts of water activities related to the lake. A place to store efficiently the necessary equipment for windsurfing, rowing boats, canoes and kayak for professionals and locals. A center where the administration of the annual Ohrid Swimming Marathon can organize and manage the event and the participants can train and prepare for the competition.

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